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Perhaps you and a group of friends are looking for a memorable social bonding experience out on the town, or you are a new visitor to beautiful Charleston and want to experience some of our history while enjoying delicious cocktails? Perhaps your company is interested in a unique adult team-building experience, or you are planning events for the perfect bachelorette party? The idea of a “pub crawl” sounds interesting but you may not be sure what to expect. We will cover what to expect at the typical pub crawl and why if you are considering a pub crawl in Charleston you might prefer one of our Cocktail City Tours.


What is a Pub Crawl?

A pub crawl is a tour that visits multiple bars – typically with libations enjoyed at each establishment. Often a pub crawl will be led by a dedicated tour guide who will plan and take care of all the details. Your group shows up at the meeting point and your only task is to enjoy yourself with friends and experience neat locations with great drinks. Ideally lifetime memories are made and there are no frustrations. Unfortunately, many times this is not the case with pub crawls. Knowing what to expect can improve your experience and ensure you make the most of your pub crawl.

What to Expect at a Typical Pub Crawl

One of the most enticing aspects of a pub crawl is the opportunity to explore various bars and pubs. Each venue has its unique ambiance and crowd. When possible, you will want to know what establishments you will be visiting or at least the ‘theme’ for your pub crawl. Crawling dive bars will be a very different experience from crawling high-end establishments.


A memorable pub crawl starts with the establishments and unfortunately this is also where many pub crawl tours fall apart. All too often the bars are crowded, there are long lines or long waits for drinks, your group is standing because there are no seats available – all in all a standard pub crawl can turn into a miserable experience quickly.


Booking a Cocktail City Tour

At Cocktail City Tours our guides are native Charlestonians with well-established relationships with the locations we visit. With Cocktail City Tours you will visit renowned downtown Charleston locations but, better than a pub crawl, there will be:


  • Pre-arranged Seating – no standing waiting for a table

  • No waiting for your drinks – and yes, a delicious signature cocktail is included at each of our stops!

  • No packed / crowded bars – our relationships guarantee an enjoyable experience – your satisfaction is as important to them as us.

  • Learn unique history and hear entertaining stories about Charleston (True Crime is one of our specialties)


While a pub crawl can be a great idea for a fun social event, they do have risks (often unforeseen until it’s too late.) Experiencing a Charleston pub crawl with Cocktail City Tours eliminates those risks and ensures a hassle-free experience with memories for a lifetime.


Check out our tour offerings and book your tour online.

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